Helping to solve the world water crisis.

Solving the water crisis is more than just drilling wells...
It starts with water. Water is life...
Healthcare services, as well as good health, depend on water ...
Education cannot be attained in much of the world if a source of clean water is not nearby for students and their families...
Agriculture depends on water. Without clean water, many crops fail to reach their full potential...
And it comes full circle. Education, Agriculture, and Healthcare drive home the importance of maintaining clean sources of water.
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Working with our partners, Disciples4Water establishes, trains and supports local teams of water well drillers dedicated to providing clean water in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We also support water-related healthcare, education and agriculture projects through direct funding and in-kind donations. Through the coordination of mission trips with out church partners, we are able to show donors the impact of their dollars in the Congo.

Areas of Focus

  • Establish water well drill teams
  • Train water well drill teams
  • Fund materials & supplies for water wells
    Partially fund drill team pay
  • Fund building of schools where wells are located
  • Sponsor & participate in educational related projects
  • Sponsor & participate in healthcare/water related projects
  • Sponsor & participate in agriculture/water related projects
  • Coordinate mission trips for donors to participate in Disciples4Water projects

Where We Are Working

Our current emphasis remains focused on the the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Mbandaka, the provincial capital of Équateur is also the location of the national office of our  DRC partner, the Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo (CDCC). The CDCC, affiliated with The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), provides a strong home base for our local drill team comprised of young Congolese men.

This drill team is drilling throughout Mbandaka and the surrounding area.